How do recommendations work?

how things work around here!

PhoneCurry Recommendations™  are powered by a complex, live scoring algorithm, that, we believe, is the most powerful phone ranking system on the planet.

  • "Best Phone" Rankings are based on the excellence score.
  • "Best Value for Money Phone" Rankings are based on the value for money score.
  • excellence score - how great this phone is, independent of it’s price
  • value for money score - how great this phone is, relative to it’s price
  • Both scores are live, and keep changing dynamically on a daily basis

A lot of stuff goes into calculating the scores, including both human and machine intelligence, and the exact method that we use to arrive at the final scores is fairly complex! Nevertheless, here are some of the important factors taken into account:

  • Expert Reviews / User Reviews / Our Editorial Opinion
  • Launch Date (Newer = Better)
  • Current Popularity of the phone
  • Brand quality factors (brand perception, service quality network etc)

Our scoring system is live, or in other words, self adapting. As the price of the phones changes, as it gets older, as we get more reviews of the phone (that make us change our overall opinion), or as it becomes more/less popular, the score adapts to reflect those changes!

We certainly think you can. Which is why, we also publish the PhoneCurry Guarantee. We have already done all the hard work and the research to determine which phones are better, so that you don’t have to!